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1. Investigation the Concentration of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of Zayandehrood River Bed

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Page 75-81

Ali Izadi Ghorveh; Mahmoud Solhi; Hamid Ghaiumi Mohammadi; Saeed Vazan

2. Effect of Seasons and Different Substrates on Growth and Reproduction of the Compost Worm Eisenia Fetida

Volume 1, Issue 11, Autumn 2013, Page 1368-1376

Vahid Beyginiya; Mahmud Khoramivafa; Farhood Yeganehpoor; Farideh Samadiyan

3. An Investigation of Objectives and Problems of Shiraz Green Belt

Volume 1, Issue 10, Autumn 2013, Page 1246-1252

Leila Mosleh; Naser Zamani-Miandashti