Author = DelfanAzari, Shaghayegh
1. Analysis of Climatic Factors Influencing the Architecture in the City of Darab

Volume 2, Issue 5, Spring 2014, Page 1734-1741

Saryh Zare'ian; Taraneh Saniee; Shaghayegh DelfanAzari; Samira Aligholi

2. The Role of Climatic Factors in Buildings Designing to Achieve Sustainable Develop (Case Study, Kangavar City)

Volume 2, Issue 4 (2), Spring 2014, Page 418-427

Reza Kakvan; Kourosh Mojavery Samak; Shaghayegh DelfanAzari

3. The Role of Climate in Sustainable Constructing Associated with Hot and Dry Area Architecture : Studied Case in Yazd Province

Volume 2, Issue 4 (2), Spring 2014, Page 391-396

Reza Kakvan; Kourosh Mojaveri Smak; Behnam Ghnmy; Shaghayegh DelfanAzari