Document Type : Review Article


1 Islamic Azad University, Qaemshahr Branch, Qaemshahr, Iran

2 Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Shahre Kord, Iran


Agriculture is a complex system science and the knowledge of it is consisting of much concepts and relationships. Examinations in connection with site-specific farming have been carried out by our institute since 1998. Precision farming is a way of agricultural production, which takes into account the in-field variability, a technology where the application-seeding, nutrient replacement, spraying, etc. has taken place to act on the local circumstances of a given field. The geographic information system (GIS) created by computing background makes possible to generate complex view about our fields and to make valid agro technological decisions. With the advent of the satellite-based Global Positioning System, farmers gained the potential to take account of spatial variability. Our goal was to compare two systems for marking out further research tasks, because in some cases there have been misunderstandings among the researchers, and the information provided by given companies seems to be complicated for potential users. This article provides an overview of worldwide development and current status of precision agriculture technologies and Application of GIS and GPS in Precision agriculture.