Document Type : Short communication


Young Researchers and Elite Club, Marand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Marand, Iran


Objective: The role and importance of urban green space in urban life and physical stability and effectiveness of the system returns to different urban ecological, economic and social, it is undeniable, As far as public green space per capita in cities and urban management planning program is considered one of the main discussion. Urban green spaces should be one of the most essential factors to take into account the sustainability of natural life in new urbanism. In other words endless struggle between application and technology development on the one hand, and preserving and protecting the vital elements such as water, soil, air and green space has been on the other hand. In such circumstances, enjoying nature and greenery, living natural resources pleasant car to lead a life of peace to return to the sustainable urban development. So that the views of city and urban environmental safety more than ever regarded as sustainable development is one of the necessities. Methods: This article titled approach to the sustainable development of cities in the promotion of environmental quality with green space process of endogenous development in Marand developed and followed it. Results: According to urban green space, or to be more precise, according to the levels of man-made urban land with vegetation, producing oxygen, temperature adjustment, the absorption of pollutants, stabilize slopes, increase moisture and ultimately improve the ecological efficiency the quality of the urban environment and attractive space for social interaction and recreation for the society provides and the results reflect the fact that the city of Marand as a fitness center cities in recent years under the influence of various factors on the issues and problems faced. Therefore urban green spaces, urban planning and urban management is a necessary component. Marand in extreme poverty can be seen in terms of per capita green space and the size of the population and increase the amount of green space will be reduced and whatever the size of the population and increase the amount of green space will be reduced.


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