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Payam Noor University of Jiroft, Iran.



In order to finding cultivars with high yield and compatible with potato in the form of fall cultivation in jiroft area, an experiment in randomized complete block design with three replication, was done in Jiroft agricultural research center in 2013. In this experiment height plant, No. Stem, Tuber diameter, Tuber weight/plant, No. tuber and yield were examined. Effect Prevent Freezing Cropaid of potato significant (p<0.01) on No. tuber, yield, Tuber diameter, No. stems, Tuber weight/plant and height plant. Results of the mean data comparison, indicate that the No. tuber, yield, Tuber diameter, No. stems, Tuber weight/plant and height plant during the test was related to the observer T1 (Use anti-freeze in time the seed tubers and green plant complete) treatment. From the obtained results, it was concluded that Use anti-freeze in time the seed tubers and green plant complete with a high regrowthing potential after freezing stress can be recommended in autumn culture in jiroft region.


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