Document Type : Case Report


1 Post Graduate Student of Agricultural Education, Khouzestan Agricultural and Natural Resources University, Ahvaz, Iran

2 Associate Professor of Agricultural Extension and Education Department, Khouzestan Agricultural and Natural Resources University, Ahvaz, Iran

3 Professor of Agricultural Extension and Education Department, Khouzestan Agricultural and Natural Resources University, Ahvaz, Iran



Sustainability challenges in our time such as climate change, food security, water consumption, pollution,
environmental degradation and other socio-economic concerns are the main challenges for present and future
generations. Therefore, society is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues and seeks information to achieve sustainability. Nevertheless, in universities, still environmental issues are attending and its non-material aspects such as society, cultural, and ethical issues have been neglecting. Therefore, the present study undertakes to assessment level of sustainability in Iran agricultural and natural resources universities according to all dimensions of sustainable development. Statistical population consisted of 2248 students in agricultural and natural resources universities, from that 204 students selected as sample using simple random sampling. A made questionnaire used to collect data. Its validity proved by using content and structural validity, and its reliability confirmed by Cranach's alpha (α ≥ 0/79). Data analyzed by SPSSWin20 software. Findings showed that at environmental dimension, use of energy-saving bulb, use of office automation systems, and separate potable water from other uses have paid more attention to themselves. In social dimension, universities more focusing to sport competitions aimed to ensuring students health, checking cleanness of dining rooms, and hold conferences on sustainability issues. In education dimension, university’s managers have focused on developing students' abilities to informed decision-making, establishing flexible curricula to educate sustainability issues, and create relationship between educational content and sustainability dimensions. Findings from ranking of attention to sustainability dimensions at universities showed that universities most emphasis on social, educational, and environmental dimensions and research and economical dimensions have been underestimated.


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