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MSc. Student of Natural Resources-Environment, University of Tehran, Iran


For an optimum use of natural resources in the sustainable development trend, there is a need to identify ecological resources in the shortest period of time and minimum possible cost. In this article, we aimed Management ecosystem by Assessment of plant covers changes at Taleghan Township in a twenty year period. Percentage of landscape and number of patch were among the metrics that were calculated. The patch surface showed that the greatest plant cover change belonged to agriculture class that was decreased from 15.72 percent in 1987 to 0.67 percent in 2007 and limiest land use/cover change belonged to range class that was decreased from 62.8 percent in 1987 to 46.55 percent in 2007. What was significant from an environmental point of view was that the amount of bare lands was increased more than two fold (from 20.22 percent in 1987 to 48.3 in 2007) which indicates unexpected vegetation cover degradation. In this regards the tsunami of money have impose and accelerated changes in land use; In addition many of dry farming lands have been abandoned and this cased to convert that into the poor grasslands and bare lands. Moreover, we suggest that land use planning will be implemented in the other area of Alburz so that each land use will be applied in the suitable place.


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