Document Type : Original Article


1 Postgraduate in watershed management engineering, Payam Noor University part-time instructor, DehDasht branch, Kohkiloie Va Boirahmad, Iran

2 Postgraduate in watershed management engineering, Islamic azad university of Arsanjan branch, Arsanjan, Fars, Iran



Several empirical methods for flood flow rate estimation have been presented. In this study,eight new empirical runoff estimation method including Dredge & Burge, Bourges, Inglis, Faning, Hyderabad, Burkli Ziegler, Cramar and Possenti were calculated in Bakhtegan watershed which is located in Fars province. After studying empirical methods for annual flood flow rate estimation and comparing the results from empirical methods with measured values by hydrometric station existing in the region, it was found that in most watersheds, the most suitable methods were Cramar, Burkli Ziegler, Faning, Dredge & Burge, Bourges, Possenti, Hyderabad, and Inglisrespectively.


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