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Physical Geographical, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran



Temperature is one of the most important climate variables that many economic and social plans related to its changes. Because of The importance of this issue, this study investigated the changes of it in the province Khuzestan. Meteorological data that used in this study is mean temperature in annual and seasonal timescale. The study area is Abadan, Ahwaz, Dezful and Omidiye stations. For analyzing the trend, nonparametric Mann-Kendal test is used. The Results show that in annual time scale, at all selected stations, the uptrend is significant. Ahwaz and Omidiye stations, in all seasons, Abadan station in spring, summer and fall and Dezful station in the spring and summer have significantly up trends. However, Dezful in winter and autumn and Abadan station in winter has not been any trend


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