Document Type : Original Article


Department of Agricultural Extension and education, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran



Current research examines the economic, social, cultural, policy, educational and promotional factors in using sustainable agriculture operations. Research is an applied type and its method is correlation. The statistical population consisted of 102 members of Iran Potato Cultivars. Data were collected using a census method and a questionnaire was used. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient was obtained among 0.4723.0 ± 0.946 / 0, indicating the reliability of this tool. Statistical analysis of data was performed using SPSS20 software. The results of regression analysis indicated that three variables: economic factors, policy factors, educational and promotional factors were the most important independent variables affecting the dependent variable of sustainable agriculture, that was 42.1% of the variation of dependent variable (implementation of sustainable agricultural activity) that explain the research.
Also the results indicated that the economic factor variable with the beta coefficient equal to 0.339 is the most important variable affecting the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. The variable policy making factor with a regression coefficient of 0.146 is the least important factor affecting the implementation of sustainable agricultural operations


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