Document Type : Original Article


1 Dept. of Bio system, Mohaggeg Ardabili University, Iran

2 Dept. of Bio system, Urmia University, Iran

3 Dept. of Bio system, Tabriz University, Iran


Farming organic vegetable and crops have grown as a market desiring commodity. Weed control in farms has been costly and laborous and it has always been hard to achieve a proper weeding. A few chemicals are commonly applied in organic farming. Thermal weeding with flame burners seems a good solution; however, it has its own drawbacks, such as; damaging the main crops, low performance, being influenced by enviromental changes, high fuel consumption, etc. A two-burner flamer, protected with steal shield was mounted on a self-propelled frame supported with a DC motor to control the speed. Heat was trapped by shield that allowed greater speed. A digital camera was utilized for turning of the flames and saving gas. Field experiments were conducted during May, 10 days after first crop buds were emerged. Various tractor speeds of, 8, 12 and 15 km h-1 were employed. Grasses are harder to control than broad leafed weeds, due to their protected buds, however, system design maximized flames exposure time which resulted in more efficient weed control, especially in grasses. Damage percentages were greater in the slower speed treatments. Compared with proper weeding and highest speed it was found that speeds of 8 to 12 km h-1 would yield an approval result.


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