Document Type : Original Article


1 MS.C student of rural development, Tehran University, Karaj, Iran

2 MS.C student of rural development Science Research university, Tehran, Iran


This study examined barriers of sustainable rural development from perspective of experts in Department of Rural Development in Razi University, Institute of Rural Research & Development, and Organization of Rural Cooperatives in Kermanshah (N=42).The sample size was estimated by population census. The main research instrument for data collection was pre-tested questionnaire. Validityof questionnaire was confirmed by a panel of experts and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Data analysis was performed by SPSS version 18 .The results showed that the main obstacles to sustainable rural development in the province of Kermanshah were five factors: : 1- Physical- Structural; 2- Investment problems; 3- Weak policymaking; 4- Agricultural Production risk; and 5- Lack of skill


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