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1 Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, Ziauddin University Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

2 Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Ziauddin University Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan


Objective: The role of vitamin D has soared to a pinnacle in recent years with functions affecting 229 human genes linked to cardiovascular, autoimmune, humoral, pulmonary and neurological diseases. Relationship between obesity and vitamin D has not as yet been fully established. The objective of the study was to determine the possible relationship between Vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphisms and the risk of obesity. Methods: Total 100 subjects (50 obese and 50 normal) were selected. Oral rinse samples were collected (between 18-45 years of age) after an informed consent. DNA was extracted and PCR was performed using VDR-Fok1 primers. A 256bp amplified products was visualized by Gel Doc Hero Lab software (Germany). Results: The results of VDR-Fok1 gene polymorphism showed that out of 50 obese subjects 40%were normal (FF=20), 54%were Heterozygous (Ff = 27) and 6% were mutated (ff= 3). Out of 50 non-obese subjects 84% were normal (FF= 42), 16% were Heterozygous (Ff= 8) and none were mutated (ff= 0%). The statistical analysis results between the ff genotype and obesity were not significant. The ff genotype of VDR may be associated with obesity. More studies with larger sample size are required to find a stronger correlation.


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