Document Type : Review Article


Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Shoushtar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shoushtar, Iran


Objective: Sarcomas are neoplasms of mesenchymal (stem cell) origin and are rare skin diseases of cats and may occur anywhere on the cat body.The main etiologies of soft tissue sarcomas are Feline sarcoma virus induced sarcomas, vaccine site sarcomas, trauma, inflammation and radiation. Methods: In March 2014, a three years old male domestic shorthair cat were referred to a private veterinary clinic in Tehran, Iran with a tumor-like bump on the plantar surface of his left pelvic limb. As a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, surgical excision was recommended.Results: It seems that, due to the location of the fibrosarcoma in this cat it was a result of a prior wound or foreign body insertion to plantar surface of the affected limb. The development of a sarcoma at a site of previous trauma or inflammation has been documented in animals and people, although rarely.


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