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1 Lecturer. Webuniv, New Delhi, India

2 MSc Bioinformatics scholar, SMU, India

3 MSc Biotechnology Scholar, Amity University, India


Objective: Whey protein is a byproduct of dairy industry, where cheese and casein are manufactured.This is the major protein content which is loss during the formation of yogurt and cheese. Methods: If this is added to the diet then that can enhance the nutritioal value for the diet, which will be very usefull. Results: In this study we try to find it out that the whey protein has the antibiotic effect, that much better than the antibiotic generally found in market. But this is not as much as better than the tetracyclin. But better than the common antibiotics like amoxicillin. So from the study we can conclude that the antibiotic which is used to provide strength against the different types of microrganism and also have the nutritional effect co that it can be use as a great nutritional element in future for the general house hold use and for the sport industry also.


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