Editorial Board


Professor Dr. Ali Delpisheh 1. Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Safety, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2. Department of Child and Reproductive Health, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, UK.

Professor, Epidemiology

Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Professor Dr. Vinod Kumar Gupta Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Professor, Biological Sciences

Editorial Board

Dr. Rassoul Dinarvand Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Nanotechnology Research Center
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Professor, Pharmaceutics, Drug delivery, Nanomedicine

Editorial Board

Dr. Mehrdad Hamidi Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Research Center, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

Professor, Neuropharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology

Advisory Board

Dr. Abdul Aziz Department of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan

Professor, Environmental Issues

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Editorial Board

Dr. Muhsin Konuk Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Üsküdar University, Istanbul, Turkey

Professor, Molecular Biology

Editorial Board

Dr. Piray Atsak 1. Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Radboud University Medical Center, 6500 HB, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2. Division of Systems Neuroscience, New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York, NY, 10032, USA

Associate Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience

Editorial Board

Dr. Abdolhossein Miri Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, Zabol university of medical sciences, Zabol, Iran

Professor, Pharmacognosy and Cell Culture

Editorial Board

Dr. Nanuli Doreulee Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Head of direction of Human and Animal Physiology,Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Professor, Biological Sciences & Neuroscience-Neurophysiology

Editorial Board

Dr. Mohammad Shekari Department of Medical Genetics, School of Medicine, Molecular Medicine Research Center,Research Institute for Health, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

Editorial Board

Dr. Reza Tayebee Department of Chemistry, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, 397, Iran.

Professor, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology

Editorial Board

Dr. Joerg Gruenwald Department of Medicinal Plants, Faculty of Medicine, Analyze & realize Company, Berlin, Germany

Professor of Medicinal Plants

Editorial Board

Dr. Ezatollah Farshadfar Department of Plant Breeding, Razi University of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, Kermanshah, Iran

Professor, Biometrical Genetics

Editorial Board

Dr. Rashed Al-Sa’ed Institute of Environmental and Water Studies, Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine

Professor, Environmental Engineering

Advisory Board

Dr. Jaafar Hosseinzadeh Associate professor in Forest sciences department, Agricultural faculty. Ilam University Iran

Associate Professor of Silviculture and forest ecology

Advisory Board

Dr Mehdi Hassanshahian Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran

Professor of Microbiology

Advisory Board

Dr. Hamid Najafipour Department of Physiology and Physiology Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Kerman, Iran

Professor, Medical Physiology


Dr. Sami Sajjadifar Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, PO BOX 19395-4697 Tehran, Iran.

Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry

Managing Editor

Dr. Zeinab Arzehgar Department of Chemistry, Basic of Sciences Faculty, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran

Ph.D in Organic Chemistry

Journal staff

Language Editor

Dr. Fatemeh Ramezani Ph.D. Student, EFL Teaching, Tehran university, Tehran, Iran.

EFL teaching

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Language Editor

Dr. Behroz Jamalvandi Ilam Farhangyan University, Ilam, Iran.

University lecturer in applied linguistics