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1 MSc. student, department of fisheries, faculty of Fishery and environmental, Gorgan University of agricultural sciences and natural resources, Gorgan, Iran

2 Associate professor, department of fisheries, faculty of Fishery and environmental, Gorgan University of agricultural sciences and natural resources, Gorgan, Iran


Objective: In this study, the effect of diet food (soybeans, egg yolk and chicken manure) on biomass weight and body composition (the amount of protein, fat, moisture and ash) Chironomid larvae were examined. Methods: For this purpose, 2.5 grams of food per Coconut considered in the period, with three replicates and Chironomid larvae during the period of 15 days in plastic pans were kept in nutrition. Results: The results showed that larval growth Chironomid was significantly influenced by the different diets. Between dietary treatments, larvae fed chicken manure treatment had highest average weight and best body composition (protein and fat) fed the treated egg yolk and no significant difference was found with other dietary treatments (P<0.05). As a result of this study showed that different diets influenced on the larval body weight and body composition. yolk eggs and poultry manure due to easy availability and low cost can be recommended for mass rearing of larvae Chironomid.


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