Document Type : Review Article


Ph.D. Student in Agricultural extension and education, Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Entrepreneurship in the world, especially in Western developed countries, the much interest in recent years the concept of entrepreneurial ecosystems and integrating the separation of infrastructure services needed by entrepreneurs and governments innovative citizens, industrialists and entrepreneurs to create. a person apart from the idea of an entrepreneur, long way to run and deliver it to the finally, profitability and growth of the organization. In many cases the idea does not run and stays in the mind. Entrepreneurship ecosystem is composed of the factors in the development of entrepreneurship involved. Macro-economic factors, cultural, social and political willingness and ability to influence the choice of entrepreneurial activity. Hence the to create an entrepreneurial environment, due to factors such as culture, policy, Financial resources, human capital, market and support services as areas entrepreneurship ecosystem is of particular importance.


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