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1 Ph. D student on Agricultural Extension & Education Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

2 Full professor on Agricultural Extension & Education, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


Objective: The main purpose of this research is review of principles, concepts, problems and solutions of soil ethic. Methods: In this research by descriptive method and Delphi technique was used for identifying soil ethical concepts, soil ethical principles, problems and difficulties of soil ethics in Iran and al around the world and suggestions for improvement of soil ethics in Iran. The population of this research are consist of panel of faculty members of Agricultural Research Center of Isfahan and faculty members of Industrial and Payamenoor Universities of Isfahan and managers of agricultural education and extension of Agricultural Organization of Isfahan (n=35) and was studied by census method. Results: According to results The most important soil ethical problem in all around the world is soil and water pollution, The most important problem of soil ethics in Iran is overuse of chemical inputs in agriculture, Water and soil's pollution by factories and etc., misuse of soil and water, lack of attention to the production of healthy and organic products and etc, The most important soil ethical principles are: Changes in attitudes and knowledge of producers in protecting soil resources, Use of organic and biological inputs and paying attention to the environment and finally According to the results, changing farmer's behaviors to give value for soil, increasing technical knowledge and producer's skills for optimal use of water and soil, emphasizing on religious issues about soil and etc. are the best suggestions for solving the soil problems.


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