Document Type : Short communication


Young Researchers and Elite Club, Marand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Marand, Iran


Background:Environment destroyed and reduce the living place especially in urban place  become an important mater these days ,improving environment need a lot of think together like economic, realigns and environment  changes ,urban tourism is one of the most  important and complicate behavior in town. Objective: In researchers look tourism have a large effect on economic, realign and social behavior in big city. Increasing tourism can have a big effect for city people in all the world and Iran .and its steel growing. Propose of this research know the program of improving tourism in Kurdistan of Iran.  Methods: We ask question or use question paper from Kurdistan tourism government that include 200person of tourism worker. We use T-Test and ANOVA analyze and Pearson test. Also we use SWOT for estimate advantages and disadvantage of research. Results: Achieve by the results Marginal market, beautiful environment, historic place and culture are most positive tourism parameter but there is not suitable hotel or transportation this can have bad effect on tourism. Tourists say that marginal markets are most interesting place in Kurdistan; this can be effective in economic mater. The Suggestions about this research are Efforts to create a national determination and belief in the necessity of the development of tourism as a substitute for oil, the need for a regional approach to planning, development, management and promotion of tourism, Enhancing the quality of human resources employed in the tourism sector and the development of education in this area, Attempt to reduce the administrative formalities for issuing visas to tourists, tourism and other areas of the face.


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