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Department of Animal Science, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran



The goal of this experiment was to investigating of effects of different levels of nano chromium (N-Cr) in diet on egg quality and blood chromium content of japanese quail. Two hundred and forty laying japanese quail (45 day old) were randomly distributed to 20 experimental unit with 12 birds in cage pens of 40 × 80 cm. Experimental treatments include: 1) control national research council (NRC, 1994) based diet (with no N-Cr), 2) 200 ppb, 3) 400 ppb, 4) 600 ppb and 800 ppb of N-Cr. Egg weight, egg internal quality (Huagh unit) and blood chromium were determined. Treatments influenced egg weight, yolk weight, albumen height, albumen weight, shell weight and thickness and Haugh unit (p≤ 0.05). But blood chromium content was not affected by levels of N-Cr (p≥ 0.05). In conclusion, it seems that N-Cr level of 800 ppb had further effects onjapanese quail egg quality.


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