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Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia



The investigation was conducted on wet and dry seasons of Ethiopia during the year 2012/2013 at Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center Nursery site. Four levels of cutting size and three levels of cutting positions were arranged in randomized complete block design with three replications. Data on seedling height, branch number/seedling, root number/seedling, root weigh/seedling, root length/seedling and survival count were collected and analyzed except for root length/seedling in dry season. Cutting size exerted a significant influence (P<0.05) on all of the parameters considered in this study except on root length/seedling in dry season experiment. Cutting position also exerted a significant influence (P<0.05) on all of the parameters except on branch number/seedling, root length/seedling and root weight/seedling during dry season experiment. Interaction effect of cutting size and cutting positions didn’t excreted a significant influence (P>0.05) on majority of the agronomic characters. But its effect was significant (P<0.05) on seedling height and root length/seedling during wet season experiment and on seedling height and branch number/seedling during dry season experimentation. Different perpetuation abilities of sage were observed in dry and wet season experiment. Top cuttings having a cutting length starting from 9 cm to 12cm can be recommended for sage propagation in wet season. However, bottom cutting position from 12cm to 15cm cutting size can be recommended for propagating sage in dry season using stem cuttings.


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