Document Type : Original Article


1 M.Sc of Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, Ilam, Iran.

2 Department of Agriculture, Payame Noor University of Iran

3 Ph.D. Student of Plant Breeding Bu-Ali Sina, Hamedan, Iran



The present study was laid out in order toevaluate the effect of salinity on some biochemical characterize of grapevine c.vYaghouti. The experiment was done at Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center, Ilam, Iran at 2014. The experiment was a completely block design (CRD) with four replications. Saline factor was NaCl salinity in seven levels (Zero, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 mM). Grape scions were planted in beds containing equal proportions of sand, perlite and vermiculite in 20-L vases. The vases were nourished by half Hoagland nutrient solution for first three weeks after plantation. In order to create the desired salinity levels, another half of the Hoagland nutrient solution was salinized with 0, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 mMNaCl. During growth stages, measurement was done on physiological and biochemical parameters such as soluble sugar, proline, chlorophyll, catalase, peroxidase and ascorbat peroxidase enzymes. The results showed that maximum chlorophyll a and b were obtained for control treatment and decreased gradually with increasing of saline level. The proline and soluble content as osmolits increased gradually by increasing of saline levels. However, CAT, APX and POX activity increased by salinity levels until 150mM, 150mM and 250mM saline treatment respectively. The results of the present study reviled that salt stress decreased some biochemical traits and decreased some damages by increasing of osmolits content and antioxidant enzymes activity.


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