Document Type : Case Report


Young Researchers Club, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran


Silvicultural operation need to notice the plant species diversity in forest. To this study Gomarlang district in marivan region, northern zagros forest was selected. Selected 100 ha area because have similar physiography condition (north aspect and 1650 to 1800 m s.a.l. In study area 100 micro plots of 5m by 5 m (25 m2) including the species and the numbers of this species randomized-systematic method in the 100×100 Net. Diversity index including Shannon Wiener (H׳), Simpson (1-D) and Margaleff (R1) were used. To analysis of the data, use was Ecological Methodological software. Results showed that 65 herb species observed in the site study.  Results indicated that Gramineae, Pappilionaceae and Compositae highest number of species. Bromus tectorum L, Poa spp and Avena sp were dominant herbaceous species, respectively. Herbaceous layer had the highest richness, evenness and diversity. Authors suggested approaching the sustainable forest management focused on the dominant plant in the study area


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