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1 Horticulture Department, Islamic Azad University, Jiroft, Iran

2 Young Researchers Club, Jiroft Islamic Azad University, Jiroft Branch, Iran


An important factor in the growth medium of plants and chemical plants. native substrates can be used to improve plant performance. To evaluate the effect of growth medium on the herb F. benjamina experimental design was completely randomized with eight treatments and four replications were carried out in the research greenhouse of Islamic Azad University of Jiroft. F. benjamina  plants from vegetative characteristics showed significant differences with each other. The maximum chlorophyll index and number of branches of palm peat substrates, respectively. The use of native substrates for growth was F. benjamina. Palm peat substrate,  makes for a very low cost  and have a very low ph features such as good water absorption, especially F. benjamina plant is used for all files.


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