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1 Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, 101014, Nigeria

2 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Mountain Top University, 110106, Nigeria

3 Department of Internal Medicine, National Hospital Abuja, Abuja, 900103, Nigeria

4 Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Portharcourt, 500272, Nigeria

5 Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso, 210274, Nigeria

6 Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Delta State University, 330105, Nigeria

7 Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Strathclyde, G1 1XQ, UK

8 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Sciences, Adekunle Ajasin University, 342111, Nigeria

9 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Ilorin, 1515, Nigeria

10 Department of Medicine, University of Development Studies, NT-0272-1946, Ghana

11 Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Jos, 930105, Nigeria

12 Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health Science, Imo State University, 460281, Nigeria

13 Department of Microbiology, School of Biological Sciences, Lagos State Polytechnic, 104233, Nigeria

14 Department of Pharmacy, Niger Delta University, Amassoma, 560103, Nigeria


Antibiotic resistance is becoming more prevalent, which presents as an urgent risk to world-wide well-being, necessitating an urgent exploration of its mechanisms, implications, and potential mitigation strategies. This review provides an overview of the growing antibiotic resistance phenomenon within the realm of gram-positive bacteria, with a specific focus on three major pathogens: Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus spp., and Streptococcus pneumoniae. These pathogens, once susceptible to conventional antibiotics, have displayed remarkable adaptability to develop resistance, rendering standard treatment regimens ineffective. This review outlines the objectives of understanding the mechanisms underlying the emergence of resistance, deciphering the clinical impact of resistance development, and highlighting the potential interventions to mitigate the crisis. This review also highlights a comprehensive exploration of the interaction between these pathogens and the selective pressure of antibiotics, horizontal gene transfer, and genetic mutations are central themes elucidated in this study. The clinical implications of these emerging resistance mechanisms, including treatment failure, increased morbidity, and mortality, emphasize the urgency of addressing this escalating concern.
Furthermore, this review underscores the importance of alternative strategies, such as combination therapies, synergistic approaches, and the revival of older antibiotics, in combating gram-positive bacterial resistance. The study aims to provide insights into the novel strategies that hold promise for the treatment of gram-positive bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics.
The review aims to contribute to the global efforts in curbing the antibiotic resistance crisis.

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Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Gram-Positive Bacteria, with Focus on Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Spp., and Streptococcus Pneumoniae


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