Document Type : Case Report


1 Ph.D Student, urban climate, Kharazmi University, Iran

2 M.A Student of planning Tourism, AZAO University of Tehran, Iran

3 Ph.D Student, Agriculture Climate, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran

4 Ph.D Student, Agriculture Climate, Kharrazi, Iran


Iran including attractive places and high potential for tourism (external and internal) and investing on tourism industry including social and economic effects leading to constancy of tourism areas. Unfortunately, despite high capacity of developing tourism in our country, this capacity has not recognized well and has not utilized for development of Iran. The special factors influence on transition of urban tourism. Cities including many attractive places and tourism installation often attract a lot of tourists in the first phase. It is necessary to provide the proper situation for development of urban tourism, recognizing attractive places and sources, then evaluation and decision on their preferences. Many attractive places and locations of Kermanshah play an important role in developing Kermanshah. This city including natural, cultural and historical places which is one of the important places of tourism. In spite of surveying the data and collected inshapeation of different sources and field survey, the findings were classified with using of a kind of tools named swot. By using of matrixes (efe (external factor evaluation, internal factor evaluation ife ) every data was dedicated scale between zero (unimportant) and one ( much important),then the total concession is calculated. At the end, Because of threats and weakness points, the appropriate strategy was codified for tourism development. By the final score of both matrixes which is lower than the medium, the result is that Kermanshah has cultural and tourism attractive places but the industry is not in good and proper condition. So the assumption of strategies (wo), (wt ), ( so), (st),especially realization of concrete management of tourism is a good way for achieving appropriate results.


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