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Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


In order to design and manufacturing some postharvest equipment, determination of some hydrodynamic properties of crops are necessary. The quality of products in global and local markets can be increased by applying these properties and receive economical benefits. For these purpose, two local varieties of apples in the East Azerbaijan province, Iran(Asheghi and Gare Yapraq)were selected.Asheghi and Gare Yapraq apples varieties  were randomly hand picked in  two times (14th and 23th July, 2012) ,and in one time (14th July, 2012) respectively. Then some of their physical and hydrodynamic properties such as mass, density, volume, projected area, terminal velocity, drag, bouncy and gravity forces were studied. The mean values of mass of fruit, density, volume, projected area, terminal velocity, drag, bouncy and gravity forces of Asheghi variety for first harvest time, were 47.57 gr, 773.23 kg m-3 , 61.71 cm3, 32.23 cm2 ,0.40 m s-1, 0.12 N , 0.61 N, 0.42 N and for second harvest time, 58.82 gr , 765.81 kg m-3, 77.06 cm3, 25.80 cm2, 0.43 m s-1, 0.11 N, 0.76 N, 0.52 N respectively. The corresponding value for Gare Yapraq variety were obtained as 66.42 gr, 712.67 kg m-3 , 93.43 cm3, 45.38 cm2, 0.52 m s-1, 0.29 N, 0.92 N, 0.60 N  respectively.


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