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Department of Animal Science, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


κ-casein is a glycosilated protein belonging to a family of phosphoproteins (αs1,β, αs2,κ) that represents the major protein component in mammalian milk. κ-casein plays an essential role in the case of micelle stabilization, determining the size and the specific biological function. In the present study, we report the characterization of the partial sequence of κ-casein promoter region in the Iranian Bacterianus and Dromedaries camels. κ-casein partial promoter fragment (1212 bp) was successfully amplified, and sequenced. The sequence analysis results showed that there was a high homology (>95%) in the region of sequenced camel partial promoter fragment and related sequences in the vast range of species. Furthermore, four and three haplotypes observed in Bacterianus and Dromedaries camels, respectively. 


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