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1 Department of Geography, Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Payame Noor University Tehran, Iran


In recent decades, due to increasing prices of fossil fuels and environmental pollution resulting from the increased energy demand, researches on renewable energy sources have attracted lots of researcher’s attention. Limited investing sources and environmental issues are important factors effecting electricity generation sector. Minimizing costs and environmental damages are issues being considered by specialists. Seriousness of environmental protection issue and electricity energy security is two main factors causing more emphasized attention on the process of solar power generating electricity. Iran, due to the special geographic position located on radiation belts is a semi-arid country with a warm climate. Therefore, most parts of the country especially central region always benefit clear and sunny sky. For this reason, the study of the construction and deployment of solar sites in this region of the country can make achieving clean energy and sure for residents of these regions. This study uses geographical information systems, general radiation forecasting model, daily sunny hours, and received radiated energy per each month to find regions with more than 7.7 hours sun radiation of more than 5.3 kwh/m²/d suitable for solar sites construction.


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