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MSc student, associate professor and assistant professor, Ramin University of agriculture and Natural Resources, Ahwaz, Iran


Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein with molecular weight 80 kDa iron-binding bond, which is composed of 690 amino acids. In most mammalian body fluids such as sweat, semen, tears, and saliva and milk neutrophil granules there. bovine lactoferrin gene be associated with susceptibility/resistance to mastitis and even with some economically important production traits. This study was carried out to detect polymorphism in lactoferrin gene in 85 Bufallo to 4 location khuzestan province were selected randomly. After extracting DNA, amplification of 367 bp of lactoferrin gene was performed using specific primers. In this research four SSCP pattern for AA, BB, EE and FF  lactoferrin gene in Bufallo were found in Khuzestan Province. The results showed that  lactoferrin gene  is so polymorphism in studied population. Gene frequencies for A, B, E and F alleles were 0.341, 0.259, 0.118 and 0.282  respectively. Therefore, the results confirmed that SSCP technique can be used to identify different genotypic variation in these breeds and is a useful tool for selection programs based on marker-assisted selection


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