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1 Biological Department of Kerman Ibn Sina Institute for Educational Research

2 Professional and Technical University - Shahid Chamran College of Kerman

3 Kerman Graduate University of Advanced Technology


Aflatoxins are toxins which are usually produced by a kind of Aspergillus fungus named Flavus, Parasiticus, and Numius. There are 18 kinds of Aflatoxins have been discovered by scientists and Aflatoxin B1 is the most toxic and carcinogenic. Taking aflatoxins present in food causes lots of diseases like liver diseases, alcoholic liver, mutagenesis, and malformation in animals. It also has some other outcomes like weakness of immune system, decrease in growth, decrease in eating, decrease in lactation in cows and abortions. To reduce the aflatoxin in milk, there are different methods and in this paper have done that by iodine solution. Milk is the most perfect food that can be used by humans. This food consists of a complicated compound including fat, proteins, sugar, lactose, minerals, vitamins, and water. A significant amount of milk is water and it may be due to the iodine present in the water. Iodine is a radioactive element which existence in milk during production and storing causes some physical and chemical changes in milk and its components. This paper is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the dose amount of absorbed Gama was measured during one day with a milk with aflatoxin impregnated with 1Bq/m3 iodine based on Nano rad  with MCNPX software. In the second  stage the Reduction of  aflatoxin M1 with adding radioactive iodine to milk was investigated


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