1 Faculty of Natural Resources, the University of Guilan, POB: 1144, Sowmehsara- Iran

2 Faculty of Natural Resources, Gorgan University of Sciences and Natural Resources, POB: 49138-15739, Gorgan- Iran


Length weight relationships of Vimba vimba persa were studied. For this purpose 174 fish samples were collected by gill nets, beach seine and purse seine from March through June 2008 at two Guilan fisheries catch stations of Guilan located in Anzali- Kiyashahr regions. Samples were immediately transferred to the laboratory of fish biology at University of Guilan for further analyses. Length, weight and other external features of all samples were measured. Total Length and weight ranged from 140 to 220 mm and 24.7 to 97.6 gr respectively. Significant difference was observed among mean weight of fish in Anzali 48.01±9.33mm and Kiyashahr regions 51.25±19.9mm (p<0.05). Comparison of condition factor (CF) in fish Samples showed higher condition factor in fish from Kiyashahr region (p<0.05). Our results showed that growth pattern of Vimba vimba in Guilan with regard to their weight and length relationships is allometric (non- homogeneous) and negative which considering fishing pressure, pollution and deterioration of its stocks could be of special concern


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