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Young researchers club, Boroujed branch, Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd, Iran


A field experiment was performed in order to evaluate the effects of irrigation and application of K fertilizer on seed storage proteins  in chickpea, ILC-482 cultivar. Experiment was performed in factorial using randomized complete block design with three replications. In this experiment, two factor consist of irrigation in three levels (I1= non irrigation and I2= irrigation in flowering stage), K fertilizer in six levels (K1=0, K2=25kg/ha, K3=50kg/ha, K4=75kg/ha, K5=100kg/ha and K6=125kg/ha) was studied. The results showed that the effect of irrigation on seed storage proteins and protein yield was significant. Also results showed that effect of K fertilizer on seed storage proteins and protein yield was not significant. In non irrigation treatment seed storage proteins was increased compared to irrigation treatment and protein yield decreased. Also, results showed that no effects treatments (irrigation and K fertilizer) on protein banding patterns. Also, results indicated that not obvious any new band and not deleted any bands in all treatments


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