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1 Student of MS in Agriculture, University of Azad Islamic Esfahan, Iran

2 Associate Prof Faculty of Agriculture, University of Azad Islamic Esfahan,

3 Associate Prof Faculty of Agriculture, University of Azad Islamic Esfahan, Iran

4 Faculty of Agriculture Research Center of Esfahan, Iran


The experiment was investigated to survey of yield and yield components of sunflower cultivars under drought stress in 2012 in Kabootatabad of Esfahan farm. An experiment was conducted in split plot and was designed in randomized complete block with three replications. Irrigation was as main plots in 3 levels (control (normal irrigation), irrigation of 130 mm evaporation from pan evaporation, irrigation of 180 mm evaporation from pan evaporation) and cultivars as subplots was at 5 levels (Zaria, Hysun 36, Favorit, Lakumka and Master). The results showed that the effect of irrigation regime on biological yield, grain yield and harvest index were significant, so that the maximum and minimum values of these traits were observed in the control and irrigation treatment after 180 mm evaporation from pan respectively. Significant effect were observed amount cultivars in biological yield and oil percentage, so in two traits that the highest biological yield and oil percentage obtained in Favorit cultivar and the lowest was obtained in Zaria cultivar. Also the interaction between stress × cultivar was significant on the grain yield trait and oil percentage, and Hysun 36 cultivar at an irrigation level of 180 and 130 mm evaporation from pan had the highest and lowest yield, respectively. Also Master cultivar had highest seed oil percentage with control and Master cultivar had lowest seed oil percentage of irrigation level of 180 mm evaporation of pan, also a Master cultivar at control showed the highest amount of oil present and Master treatment showed the least amount of seed oil at an irrigation level of 180 mm evaporation from pan least


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