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Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, University of Tabriz, Iran


One of the main factors that cause to quality loss for fresh fruit market apples is bruise damage. Amongst the factors that affect apple sensitivity to bruising, major one is drop height and area profile during the impact. In the present study, four Iranian apple varieties consisted of Atirli, Kapak, Kowse and Paiez that were selected and 100 fruits of each variety were picked up, then apples were dropped from three heights and some mechanical properties such as bruise diameter, bruise height, rebound height, bruise energy percent, bruise coefficient of restitution, bruise resistant percent, bruise volume, bruise energy absorb and bruise contact above were tested and measured. The value of all features found to be different from variety to variety. As a result, Paiez variety was firmer than others. The maximum coefficient of static friction for MDF and the minimum was for PVC


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