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Department of Agriculture, Varamin-Pishva Branch, Islamic Azad University, Varamin, Iran


Objective: In order to investigate effects of different concentration of gibberlic acid and poly amines on germination and early growth of Pishtaz cultivar under salinity stress. Methods: The experiment was carried out as factorial based on completely randomized design with four replicates in laboratory of agronomy and plant breeding of agricultural department, Islamic Azad University, Varamin-Pishva Branch in 2014. The first factor was salinity with four levels (S1:3.78, S2: 5.95, S3: 10.25 and S4: 12.87 ds/m) and the second factor was six level of hormones including H0: control, H1:GA3 (100mg/litr)، H2:GA3 (150mg/litr)، H3:GA3 (200mg/litr)، H4: Putrescine (2.5m/mol)، H5: Spermidine (5m/mol) and H6: GA3(100mg/litr) + Spermidine (5m/mol). coleoptile and cleorhiza length, cleorhiza number, coleoptile and cleorhiza dry weight, germination percent and number of damaged seeds were measured. Results: Analysis of variance showed significant difference among salinity and hormone levels for coleoptile and cleorhiza length, cleorhiza number at 1% of probability level and no difference for the rest properties. It was concluded that following increasing salinity, application of different levels of GA3 had no significant effect on germination process of Pishtaz cultivar.


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