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1 Ph.D.student, urban climat, Kharazmi, karaj, Iran

2 M.Sc alumni in structural engineering, department of civil engineering,guilan,rasht ,Iran


For a few decades has proposed sustainable developing in different sciences and professions including architecture and urbanization and its origins  is in environmental crises  and also excessive use of fossilized energies in the world. problems such as global warming, increasingly developing of green house gases in atmosphere that its origin  is  in global warming , air and soil  pollution, and so many other factors led to increasing of serious activities against destroying of environment and excessive using of limited fossilized energies  one of the most important factors influencing on making human houses is climatic features, so that, studying of theses factors impact and its reactions on architecture is very essential. and importance of climate and its impact on human life is apparent to every body. the goal is role of climatic factors on designing of buildings to achieve to sustainable developing of case study in Kangavar city, in this area  based on cold and dry climate  in north hemisphere and also in Iran,  attention to buildings designing and form of cold and dry cities that are main consumers of fossilized energies, can be decreased consumption and as a result reducing of pollutions resulting from its consumption. in this article, field and library  study is chosen for studying of topics  and hoped that led to  desirable results in reducing of fossilized energy consumption and as a result, reducing of pollution and global and regional  warming.