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Student of Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Tajikistan


One of the most important operations in managed gardens is pruned grapes. For evaluate the effect of pruning short, medium, heavy on yield and yield components of Taif grapes, before and after the cold winter, in the years 2012 to 2013, A factorial experiment in a CRBD design with five replicates were performed on two factors. The first factor was the number of buds per stem and included the three levels of 4,8,12 buds per stem (i.e., a total of 80, 120, and 180 buds per plant). The second factor was the time of pruning with the two levels of pruning before and after winter cold. The software MSTAT-C was employed to analyze. The results showed that; pruning time on traits such as yield, cluster weight, Average weight of 50 Berry, the number of clusters per plant, and yield coefficient has a significant effect. Medium pruning had the highest number and weight of clusters per plant and then running trend. The smaller berries were affected by type of pruning and Pruning time both before and after the cold winter cannot bring on a positive or negative impact. Overall, after cooling, yield plant is higher than before the cold. Results show that the variety Tayefi responds best to eight-bud per stem pruning after winter cold under the conditions that exist in Tajikistan. This study showed also that yield was mostly affected by the weight and number of clusters than the size of the berries. The grape had the best yield in average and after cold pruning.


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