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The Agronomy and Natural Sources, College, Abhar branch, Islamic Azad University, Abhar, Iran


Garlic is one of the export crops which has a global reputation in terms of taste and quality. Zanjan province produces 23 percent of total garlic crop of Iran and is one the hubs of garlic production in the country. Effective factors on marketing of garlic is not well studied in this province. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is analysis of factors affecting marketing of garlic in zanjan province. Data was collected through a questionnaire validity of which was approved by a panel of expert and its reliability was measured by computing cronbach's alpha coefficients (α= 0.81). The statistical population of this study consisted of garlic growers of Zanjan province (P= 1250) among which 115 grower were selected through stratified proportional sampling. Results revealed that customer satisfaction and crop quality were effective on marketing of garlic. Furthermore regression analysis showed that variables of household size, farmers' knowledge, agricultural experience, age, area of cultivated land, and the number of services or operations have done on garlic had a significant effect on garlic marketing obstacles. Regression analysis for the other dependent variable i.e. price of garlic on wholesale buyers' center revealed that garlic production cost, market oriented marketing, the cost processing garlic, accessing loans and total frequency of garlic are significantly effective on this variable.


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