Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistance Professor, Islamic Azad University, Dezful Branch, Agriculture College, Dezful, Iran

2 Master's Student of Agricultural Management, Islamic Azad University of Abhar, Iran


In the current situation, one of the most important issues of dry and semidry areas is the lack of water sources. In this regard, it's necessary to thank of solutions in order to increase productivity and efficiency of water use in agricultural sector; In this regard, various ways have been put forward by the experts and of the most important of them we can refer to participating agronomists in the form of water user's association in management and exploitation of water networks. Regarding this issue, the main aim of this research is to identify mechanisms affecting development of water users associations in Khouzestan. The research method used in this paper is descriptive and the population consisted of 3116 members of water users' associations in Khouzestan province. In order to reaching research goals, we have used descriptive and inferential statistics and 127 of the beneficiaries were chosen as the sample of statistical population. Results show a medium effect of water users' association development on agricultural sector indices. Besides, based on factorial analysis done, factors affecting water users associations development are categorized in 6 groups in order of importance: "conditions relating water and associations, management and planning, Financial and economical factors, facilities and credits, recognition and perception of water users' associations, financial yield of water users' associations." The total variance indicated by these 5 factors in developing water users' association was 68.62% and the rest of variance is specified by other factors which are not included in the present research.