Document Type : Original Article


Department of water engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


Hydro-induction sediment discharge technique (HSDT) aims to prevent reservoir sedimentation by withdrawing the discharge water from the reservoir bottom to suck up and discharge sediments, and by inducing vertical vortexes and undercurrents in the reservoir bay to keep sediments agitated and moving. The technique is facilitated with an innovative discharge conduit system having bottom intakes that are engineered and configured to suit individual dam situation for maximum process efficacy. Analyses of the hydraulics and operating principles of the bottom intake discharge system are presented. Guidance for designing and configuring the discharge conduit system is provided. Several key issues concerning the practical application of the technique are discussed briefly. The process feasibility and functionality of the bottom intake discharge system have been demonstrated with a small test setup. Testing with large scale models and field tests are needed to develop design data for big dam application.