Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D. student, urban climate, Kharazmi, Iran

2 Master of of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Guilan, Iran

3 Geography and Urban Planning University Chalous, Iran


From 60 decade  sustainability issues  and sustainable developing  have opened a way in scientific meetings associated with  environment and urbanization and architecture. Sustainability goals are improving of environment situation , less pollution  and at least interference on  land and interaction of  natural and artificial environment , that most of these cases attracted attention in architecture and traditional urbanization of Iran . so , developing  in architecture and traditional urbanization  can be called sustainable developing . one of the basic  features of architecture  and traditional urbanization is  adaptability to climatic factors . this feature led to by least interfering   and pollution  and energy , a city and building with less facilities  can be  provided  comfort  and welfare for its residents  . the goal of this article is expressing basic that  past architecture  and urbanization  focused  on it associated with its climate  for making of sustainable developing . in this article , considered to  radiation  as  one of the climatic factors in different scales , like urban scale , urban space  and architecture in yazd  city  and associated with traditional architecture and urbanization . in Iran , due to having hot and dry climate  a different architecture ( specially in designing of local housing )  adaptable to climate  formed   that in such a space using of local or native construction materials having least undesirable impacts  on environment  and also , reducing of energy by using of local materials , led to environment sustainability  and increasing of buildings durability . so in this topic, try to study local architecture of Iran in hot and dry climate based on environment sustainability  and saving in energy and evaluate disadvantages of modern architecture  in hot and dry climate in cases such as using material which aren’t adaptable to area condition , undesirable designing of building , no saving in energy and destroying of environment   finally , we considered to collecting and presenting strategies  in saving energy in building based on new technology .