Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, Winter 2014 

Original Article

1. A Study About Some Physiological Indices of Sunflower Growth Under Drought Stress

Page 553-563

Mohammad Hadi Hemmati; Ali Soleymani

4. Effects of Various Rates and Concentrations of N-P-K on Growth ‘Rio Grande’ Tomato Seedling

Page 579-585

Ozra Hassanshahian; Jamal Javanmardi; Mohammad javad Behroozbeh

5. The Effect of N Fertilizer and Plant Density on Green Peppers Yield and Its Components

Page 586-590

Mohammad Javad Shakouri; Mohammad hossien Bijeh Keshavarzi; Akram Feiz Abadi; Mahbob Lotfi

6. The Effects of Origanum Vulgare on The Growth of Lactobacillus Casei and Lactobacillus Paracasei in Probiotic Milk

Page 591-596

Ali Ghorbani Ranjbary; Mostafa Rostampour; Mohammad Javad Sabahi Goraghani; Sara Varzandian; Zahra Ghorbani Ranjbary

7. Frequency of ABO and Rh (D) Blood Groups Among Blood Donors in Lahore, Pakistan

Page 597-600

Muhammad Umer Khan; Muhammad Waqas Bashir; Raima Rehman; Rizwan Ahmed Kiani

8. Differentiation of Coastal Sedimentary Environments Using GIS and RS Techniques (Case Study: Coasts of Chabahar Gulf)

Page 601-607

Mostafa Moradi Dashtpagerdi; Payman Rezaee; Ali Rostamnejad; Diba Ghonchepour

11. Growth Response of Petunia Hybrid to Zinc Sulphate and Salicylic Acid

Page 622-627

Ali Salehi Sardoei; Mojgan Shahdadneghad; Monir Rohany Yazdi; Somayeh Gholamshahi

12. Influence of Manure Application and Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria on Yield and Yield Components of Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa L.)

Page 628-635

Fereshteh Ghanepasand; Ghorban Noormohamadi; Mohammad Reza Haj Seyed Hadi; Mohammad Taghi Darzi

14. Study of Placental Lactogen Gene Polymorphism and Its Association With Milk Production Traits in The Holstein Cows

Page 650-658

Mohammad Mahmoudzadeh; Mohammad Bagher Montazer Torbati; Homayoun Farhangfar; Arash Omidi

18. The Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Reducing Sugar of Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum L.) Plant

Page 690-695

Ali Salehi Sardoei; Fatemeh Shahadadi; Mojghan Shahdadneghad; Afshar Fallaah Imani

20. Influence of Vermicompost and Biostimulant on The growth and biomass of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Page 706-714

Mahnaz Shirkhodaei; Mohammad Taghi Darzi; Mohammadreza Haj Seyed Hadi

21. Investigating The Effectiveness of Nutrition on The Sexual and Breeding Behaviors in Ghezel Sheep

Page 715-722

Asef Ahmad Fazel; Hossein Daghigh kia; Ali Hosseinkhani; Gholamali Moghaddam; Sadegh Alijani; Ali Olfati

23. Effect of Antioxidant Combinations on Sperm Quality of Cross Breed Rams During Liquid Storage

Page 732-740

Fatemeh Soltanpour; Gholamali Moghaddam; Reza Asadpour; Sayyed Abbas Rafat

28. Analysis of the Physicochemical Properties and Grain Yield of Some Rice Promising Lines From Multiple Crosses

Page 769-774

Morteza Oladi; Ghorbanali Nematzadeh; Ammar Gholizadeh Ghara; Ammar Afkhami Ghadi; Marzieh Rezaei

Review Article

29. Vermicompost and Verminculture: Structure, Benefits and Usage

Page 775-782

Amir Hossein Asgari Safdar; Nasroallah Moradi Kor

Original Article

30. Seroepidemiological Survey of Important Parasitic Infections of Wild Carnivores

Page 783-792

Mostafa Razmjoo; Ali Mohammad Bahrami; Mohammad Shamsollahi

Review Article

33. DNA Intercalators and Using Them as Anticancer Drugs

Page 811-822

Masoud Karimi Goftar; Nasrollah Moradi Kor; Zahra Moradi Kor

34. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) as a Valuable Medicinal Plant

Page 823-829

Jalal Bayati Zadeh; Nasroallah Moradi Kor; Zahra Moradi Kor

Original Article

35. Evaluation of Leaf Proteome in Wheat Genotypes Under Drought Stress

Page 831-839

K. Moradpour; A. Najaphy; A. Mostafaie; M. Bakhtiari; S. Kiani

36. Evaluation of Leaf Protein Pattern in Wheat Genotypes Under Drought Stress

Page 840-846

K. Moradpour; A. Najaphy; S. Mansoorifar; A. Mostafaie

37. Effect of Lemon Juice on the Egg Shell Quality of Layers Subjected to Heat Stress

Page 847-853

Hadi Tavakkoli; Seyede Saeedeh Masallanejad; Sajedeh Salandari

38. Synoptic Analysis of Dust Systems in Yazd Province

Page 854-865

A.R. Dehghanpour; A.H. Halabian; M. Fallahpour

Case Report

39. Evaluate the Effects on Tourism for Sustainable Development Urban a Case Study (Kermanshah City)

Page 886-871

Taraneh Saniee; Farzaneh Zahedidarkhaneh; Roya Ansari; Samira Aligholi