Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 5, Spring 2014 

Case Report

3. Delineation of Groundwater Recharge Sites Using GIS Case Study: Sefied Dasht

Page 1316-1324

Hassan Vaqharfard; Mostafa Moradi Dashtpagerdi

Review Article

4. Broiler Production Explation–Steps to Start

Page 1326-1333

Nematollah Dayyani

6. The Principles of Poultry Husbandry

Page 1344-1349

Nematollah Dayyani

10. Evaluation of a Walking Tractor Drawn Peanut Harvester and Comparing It With Manual Harvesting

Page 1390-1397

Afshin Azmoodeh-Mishamandani; Shamsollah Abdollahpoor; Hossein Navid; Mohammad Moghaddam Vahed

Review Article

11. Reinforcement Learning in Neural Networks: A Survey

Page 1398-1416

Ahmad Ghanbari; Yasaman Vaghei; Sayyed Mohammad Reza Sayyed Noorani

Original Article

12. The Evaluation of Wheat Losses Harvesting in Two Conventional Combine (John Deere 1165, 955) in Iran

Page 1417-1425

Asadullah Mirasi; Mohammad Amin Asoodar; Mousarreza Samadi; Ehsan Kamran

13. The Investigation of Wheat Losses Harvesting in Lordegan County (Iran)

Page 1427-1435

Asadullah Mirasi; Ehsan Kamran; Mohammad Amin Asoodar; Mousarreza Samadi

14. Navigation Techniques of Mobile Robots In Greenhouses

Page 1438-1449

Ehsan Kamran; Asadullah Mirasi; Mousarreza Samadi

15. Water Quality Evaluation of Bamdezh Wetland Using Combination of NSFWQI and Geographic Information System

Page 1454-1467

Ali Gorgizade; Mohammad Bagherian Marzouni; N. Jafarzade Haghighifard; Mojtaba Rafiei; Mehdi Esmaeili

16. An Experimental Study of the Systemic Alteration of Nitroimidazoles in the Middle Stage of Embryonic Development

Page 1468-1474

Seyede Saeedeh Mosallanejad; Hadi Tavakkoli; Amin Derakhshanfar; Sajedeh Salandari

17. Comparing of Peanut Harvesting Loss in Mechanical and Manual Methods

Page 1475-1483

Afshin Azmoodeh-Mishamandani; Shamsollah Abdollahpoor; Hossein Navid; Mohammad Moghaddam Vahed

Review Article

18. Haemotropic Mycoplasmas (Haemoplasmas): A Review

Page 1484-1503

Ramin Mazaheri Nezhad Fard; Seyed Milad Vahedi; Fatemeh Mohammadkhan

Original Article

19. Assessment and Mapping of Desertification Sensitivity in Central Part of Iran

Page 1504-1512

Mohammad Ali Hakimzadeh Ardekani; Mohammad Reza Kousari; Motahareh Esfandiari

Original Article

24. Efficiency of the Injection of Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole Solution on Game Bird Embryonated-Egg During the Late Stage of Development

Page 1553-1561

Seyede Saeedeh Mosallanejad; Hadi Tavakkoli; Amin Derakhshanfar; Sajedeh Salandari

25. Studying Some Hydrodynamic Properties of Iranian Two Local Apples Varieties Related to Harvest Times (Ashegi And Gare Yapraq)

Page 1562-1571

Hamed Baghal Asghari Baghmisheh; Hossein Ghaffari; Sina Khalilvandi Behrouzyar; Ali Abbaszadeh-asl

27. Effect of Mechanical Plucking Height on Tea Green Leaf Yield and Its Quality

Page 1582-1592

Seyed Babak Salvatian; Farshad Soheili-fard; Koorosh Majd Salimi

30. Functional Assessment of CODM Gene in Different Cultivar of Papaveraceous Species Via In Silico Analysis

Page 1606-1612

Seyedeh Habibeh Hosseini; Hossein Azarnivand; Mohammad Reza Naghavi

31. Relationship Between Cell Surface Hydrophobicity and Degradation of Hexadecane

Page 1613-1619

Hamid Tebyanian; Seyed Hanif Mirhosseiny; Omidreza Sarrafi; Ehsan Aliakbari; Mehdi Hassanshahian

32. Degradation of Alkanes in Contaminated Sites

Page 1620-1637

Ehsan Aliakbari; Hamid Tebyanian; Mehdi Hassanshahian; Ashraf Kariminik

33. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Coastal Line of Gilan Province

Page 1638-1649

M. Rezazadeh; M. Abdoli; N. Mehrdadi; M. Mousavinezhad

37. New Method of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Modeling Broiler Production Energy Index in Alborz Province

Page 1707-1718

Fatemeh Almasi; Ali Jafari; Asadolah Akram; Mosen Nosrati; Hadi Afazeli

38. Sequencing And Bioinformatics Analysis of the Partial Promoter Region of Κ-Casein (CSN3) Gene in Iranian Bacterianus and Dromedaries Camels

Page 1719-1725

Ali Akbar Khabiri; Mojtaba Tahmoorespur; Mohammad Reza Nassiri; Mohammad Hadi Sekhavati

40. Analysis of Climatic Factors Influencing the Architecture in the City of Darab

Page 1734-1741

Saryh Zare'ian; Taraneh Saniee; Shaghayegh DelfanAzari; Samira Aligholi

41. Impact of Wind Direction and Speed on Dusty Days

Page 1742-1749

A.R. Dehghanpour; A.H. Halabian; M. Fallahpour

43. Weight Changes and Sexual Behavior in Ghezel Intact and Castrated Male Lambs

Page 1761-1767

Farshid Nazari Zenouz; Gholamali Moghaddam; Ziba Abdi

44. Evaluation of Eight Evaporation Estimation Methods in a Semi-arid Region (Dez reservoir, Iran)

Page 1823-1836

Ali Gorjizade; Ali Mohammad Akhondali; Heidar Zarei; Hesam Seyyed Kaboli

45. Hybrid Models Performance Assessment to Predict Flow of Gamasyab River

Page 1837-1846

Abazar Solgi; Feridon Radmanesh; Heidar Zarei; Vahid Nourani

Review Article

49. Component and Application Aloe Vera Plant in Medicine

Page 1876-1882

Jalal Bayati Zadeh; Nasroallah Moradi Kor